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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Best Android Skin In 2022


Android is the primary option for all smartphones to use. Although all the smartphones operate under the Android we can find the difference between them. Just take the example of Samsung’s phone and Xiaomi’s phone, both UI are different. Here we can find the difference in UI and other features too. It’s all due to the custom skin on smartphones.

Nowadays the majority of the top brands' smartphones use their own custom UI to make the phone’s outlook different from other’s brands. Yes, we can notice the difference in its themes, app icons, scrolling functions, and many more features. These are all due to the Android Skins.

Best Android Skin: MIUI, EMUI, OneUI, Pixel UI

Android Skins are the custom Version of Android. We can also say it as the modified version of the official pure stock android by the smartphone’s company developer. Nowadays, it’s popular among smartphones brands.

To make the smartphones and brands different from competitors many brands adopt this method. In fact, customizing the stock android doesn’t make the smartphone's UI different but also easy to add and customize the features for the brands.

When it comes to the best Android UI then obviously we need to talk about popular brands. Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, RealMe, OnePlus, ASUS, Google, etc. are the well-known brands using the top-notch custom android.

Check out the list of some best Android Skin,

Xiaomi MIUI

Although Xiaomi is being dominated by its UI for the last few years we can still find it as the best UI. Yes, Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the top and best Custom UI that includes a bundle of customization features for the users.

When we compare this UI to the clean stock android then there’s a huge difference. Here we can notice the proper improvement in the performance of this UI. Although Xiaomi has not have a great history of updating the phones faster like smartphones running on stock android we can find regular security updates.

Overall, it’s one of the best custom UI from Xiaomi preset on Mi, Redmi, Poco and Black Shark devices. In another hand, MIUI Still lacks privacy, and bloatware and has to face a lot of ad experience.

Pixel UI and Stock Android

Google’s smartphones are always ahead in getting the Android updates at 1st. When it comes to Google’s phones then it runs on Pixel UI. In recent, it used to run on Stock Android too. Anyway, there’s no difference between Pixel UI and Stock Android.

If you are the one willing to get an update on 1st then Pixel UI is for you. Google always pushes the updates at 1st to the phones running on the Stock Android. Under stock Android, Pixel UI is one of them. Besides this, the phone running on the Android One and Android Go program under Stock Android also gets faster updates.

Pixel UI is free from bloatware and other third-party control. It’s secured with regular updates with a clean UI. In another hand, we miss the customization like MIUI and other UI.

Oxygen OS

The Custom UI that’s not far from the Original/Pure Stock Android is Oxygen OS. Oxygen OS is one of the most loved custom UI that features minimal changes or is incredibly close to the pure android.

It’s one of the smooth and light nature custom androids with less bloatware as compared to Xiaomi’s MIUI. Similarly, here we get an optimized user experience like Pixel UI even in customized UI. Its update history is also good. Yes, OnePlus phones are ahead in getting Android updates as compared to the other phones running on custom android.

While mentioning the features this UI seems far better than other UI although it has minimal changes over stock android. Zen Mode, the super cool features of Oxygen OS Makes you get a better user experience, it’s a timer to lock your phone.

One UI

After making all the smartphones users friendly with its Previous UI, Samsung comes with a new and improved UI. OneUI is another most loved UI that features a decent User Experience. Here we can get a lot of improvement and changes when we compare it to the stock android.

Regarding updates, the One UI is okay but not as Oxygen OS and pure android. Still, it’s enough to get in touch with Google’s top-notch features. Its presets customization is enough for normal users. More, we have still an option for more customization, optimized for the power users.

It’s Robust theming features are the key that we love, features in change the whole User experience easily. Sadly, still, we have to face an ad experience and bloatware, that’s annoying and slows downs the real-time performance of the phone.

Realme UI

The Realme Users are lucky to get such attractive custom UI on their phones. Yes, RealmeUI is one of the best UI inspired by the ColorOS (The Custom UI of Its’ Parent OPPO). From here we can see the minimal similarity to the stock android.

It’s the second UI after MIUI that features top-notch customization. Yes, the customization is its sole feature that makes you go for Realme Devices. It contains a lot of interesting features which add uniqueness to it.

Coming to the update history then it’s the same as like MIUI, quite late in a software update. Sadly, here too we have to face the bloatware and other stability.

Wrapping Up

Customizing an android is now easy with the different features. As now the smartphones companies use the custom skin, so it’s easy and better in customization.