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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Top 9 Professional Sample Code Websites For Web Developers



Programmers are often experts in desktop programming, web development, and scripting. Online code samples are readily available. Almost every developer has a favorite website to access free snippets of web application source code and interact with other developers. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Stack Overflow 

Stack Overflow is the best site for snippets, help, and discussions.

You can pull from and refer to Stack Overflow content no matter whether you're just beginning to program, maintaining old code in an obscure language, or working in cutting-edge industries like machine learning.

Most contributions are focused on one issue, and adding sample code helps clarify your perspective.

The majority of users will reply with an example of how the code works. It's one of the best websites for new programmers because of this.

1.     2. Source Forge

Source Forge is a prominent open-source resource on the Internet. Here you can find sample code for learning how to do anything.

Hover over the Open Source Software tab and click Development. There is an entire world of open-source projects waiting for you.

You might join the development team and contribute to the project if you find software that interests you. If you prefer, you can simply view the full source code of website.

 3.  CodeGuru

Developers will find CodeGuru helpful because it covers .Net/C#, Visual C++/C++, and Visual Basic. But you'll also find plenty about Java, Azure, IoT, and other topics.

This site has a modest selection of programming languages but is full of articles that are far more extensive than the ordinary forum posts you find on other websites. With the CodeGuru samples, beginners can learn specific tasks in great detail. Each article includes a visual guide, sample code, and use case. Forum topics cover every aspect of web and software development.

 4. CodeProject

It is a thriving developer community that creates free resources for anyone to use. These are programmers who want to write the best programming articles. Each of these includes well-written explanations and sample code to help guide you.

Because of the community aspect, you're likely to get sucked into prize competitions, surveys, articles, message boards, or even the job board. It is a great way to connect with other programmers who share your interests.

1.     5. DevX

Developer resources are incomplete without mentioning DevX. It is a programmers' paradise and a portal to many other websites. It covers topics such as database programming, visual basic, Java, and C++. The left-hand menu contains links to the sub communities of DevX. Despite its lack of activity in recent years, you can learn a lot by browsing through its archives.

1.     6. The GNU Free Software Directory

The GNU free software directory is a valuable source for open-source code snippets. We love and trust the web app source code behind this directory of free software. Almost all types of applications fall into these categories. Open-source software makes this an ideal place to learn how complex applications work from the inside out.

1.     7. Google Open Source

This portal has a range of open-source projects you can join, as well as instructions on how to create your own.

This site features Google's Developer Portal, which hosts a wealth of vital information for developers. For beginners, it's the best way to learn to code for free.

1.     8. The Top React Open-Source Projects

React is the modern face of the internet, used extensively in front-end UIs. React is an open-source project covering many aspects of learning and using it in a cutting-edge development environment. One of the best web frameworks to learn is React. You can even write Android apps with React Native.

2.   9.   CodePen

CodePen is a great resource for front-end code snippets. Anyone can create graphics and small applications using HTML, CSS, or JS.

If CSS and JavaScript interest you, you'll enjoy CodePen. From beginners to professionals, jams, challenges, and showcases bring the community together. Additionally, you can learn how to use JavaScript libraries to create animations on CodePen.