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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

What is Cyber Security? Why is it Important Today?



Hackers are the most clever people you'll find, they are so experienced and perfect In their work that you won't even know that you've been hacked when they contacted you. 

What is Cyber Security? 

Cybersecurity is the process of protecting and recovering your computer system, network, device, and programs from various types of cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are very sophisticated and dangerous to your sensitive data, these attackers keep evolving and use a new way every time. 

Why is Cyber Security Important Today? 

Cybersecurity's importance is rising a lot. All of us are now even more dependent on technology than we were before and it doesn't feel like this is gonna slow down. Stolen data is now being leaked on public platforms such as social media, including social security numbers, credit card information, bank accounts, etc, and is stored on cloud storage. 

Every day the number of hackers is increasing and as the number increases, the skills of the old ones get better. They keep growing, they never stop. To attack your devices and take your sensitive information they will go beyond your thinking and their limits, and you won't even have a chance against them. 

Only cyber security can save you and your information from thefts done by hackers. Hackers can even take money out from your bank, without you even knowing it, and this all is protected by cyber security. 


Hackers are getting advanced, not day by day but every hour, every single hour they are looking for new things, learning new things to hack. Never trust anybody, and don't be greedy and give your personal information to others. And if you think you've been hacked, change the password of everything, close every online account and bank account, and report the attack to the police or cybercrime.