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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Simple ways to Scan Documents on Android

Storing the copy of Original physical documents on smartphones is one of the smart ideas these days. Snapping and storing the scan copy of documents facilitates us in every government and legal area. Yes, it’s good to take a scanned copy of our document on our smartphone and use it anywhere and anytime.

Scanning the documents is not a capturing the photos of documents, it’s an advanced way of snapping or digitalizing your documents with the phones’ camera. Although the scanning process is as like snapping the photos we need to do it in the right way. For this here we have mentioned the steps on how to scan documents in android.

How to Scan Documents in Android: For Galaxy Users

If you are using the latest or a year older Samsung phones (Running on One UI 2 or later) then you can’t need to take the help of third-party apps to scan documents. With the help of the Camera app, you can scan the documents within a few steps.
  • Launch the Camera App in your Galaxy Running on One UI 2.0 or newer
  • Inline the documents in the frame of the Yellow Bar or include the document in the image frame
  • Tap on “Tap to Scan”, now you can move that yellow line to fix out the size and line of the documents.
  • After moving the corners and selecting/adding/removing the parts that are on Save.

Google Drive Scan Process: Scan Documents using G Drive

Let me know, the GDrive also features scanning the documents easily. As it’s one of the pre-installed apps by Google on almost all the phones so you don’t need to download other external apps to scan the documents.

It’s one of the best methods that you can adopt whether you are Samsung user’ or not. It works on all the devices. So, make sure the Google Drive installed on your android device is updated.
  • Open the Google Drive App from your phone and tap on the “+” symbol given on the right bottom side. It opens the Create New menu.
  • Tap on the Scan option.
  • Now include or add the documents on the frame of the camera.
  • Adjust the documents by rotating, cropping, flipping or reselecting.
  • Tap on the Save option, it will upload your document to Google Drive. After that, you can download it to get it in the gallery of the file folder.

Scan Documents using Microsoft Lens

Lens is the best free scanner app for android now. Yes, Microsoft lens is one of the coolest and the most powerful google document scanner apps that comes with superpower features. Using this scanner you can scan the documents in a better resolution with clear detailing, that’s what we need.
  • Open the Microsoft Lens on your device. It opens the camera scanner.
  • Place the document under the yellow rectangle line and tap on the camera button.
  • Select/ fix the area under the line and tap on Confirm.
  • Preview your document and fix (add, filter, crop, rotate, re-order) as per your need.
  • Tap on Done to finish the scanning process.
  • Give the name to the document, and select the Save to option. You can save it in different formats, images, pdf, word, etc.
  • Then tap on Save after selecting the Save to options/format in which you want to save.

Convert image to Scan Documents

If you have snapped or captured the image of your documents on your phone then you can convert that images into scanned form. Converting the normal image to the scanned images of your document can be done with the help of third-party apps. Here again, the Microsoft Lens is the primary solution for you.
  • Open the Microsoft Lens and tap on the Gallery section.
  • Select the normal captured image and tap on Go/ forward (>) sign.
  • Fix the size, select/ deselect and tap on Done.
  • Rename the file and save it in desired file format.

Summing Up

Scanning a document with android is really easy. With the different methods mentioned above, you can easily scan the documents. Scanning the documents is the best way to store the copy file of our physical documents on the phone. For this here we have mentioned the different methods through which you can scan the documents without expending extra time and resources.

Scanning the documents for the galaxy users is easy with its own inbuilt camera features. Besides this, Google Drive is also the best option that you can adopt to scan the documents in simple steps (Google document scanner).

As more, in terms of third-party apps, Microsoft Lens is the ultimate solution for you. No doubt, it’s one of the best scanning apps for android for free. google drive scan.