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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

3 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Chrome Browser


Due to the cache files and other historical data, your Chrome Browser fails to perform better. Yes, it’s one of the basic problems that need to be coped with while using any web browser whether it’s Chrome or Microsoft Edge. That’s why sometimes our chrome browser gets slows down.

There are many reasons and solutions too behind it. Anyway, to get fix the problem and make chrome faster we need to follow some basic steps. Either Windows, Android or macOS the solution is the same. Here we are with the process of how to make google chrome faster.

Why Chrome Slows Down: Reason

If you are running an older version of chrome then it misses out on the many enhanced features. Let me know, the chrome browser is prepared under the Chromium. It’s one of the open-source web browsers.

If your smartphone is getting older or features a lower volume of processors then it’s one of the basic problems behind the slow down of the browser. Besides this, so much cache data stored on your chrome browser also makes the app heavy, which leads to slow loading of the pages.

The more cookies, the more cache and more data make your browser heavier. Additionally, software error is also the reason that leads your chrome browser to slow down.

Clearing the Cache Data – Basic Steps to Speed Up Google Chrome

Clearing the cache is one of the basic but powerful solutions for your chrome browser. Yes, if your Chrome browser fails to give a better response then you can go for it. With these steps, you can easily fix the saved and unusable data that are consuming your phone's data.

The cache is the historical data stored on the phone’s storage by any app. It’s one of the useful components for us. With the help of cache data stored on the phone, an app can save your time by downloading the same data in each visit. In short, the cache is the basic and essential component to save our time and data on loading while visiting the same site and URL again and again.

But when the cache data become more than needed then it’s harmed in the health of your Chrome browser, which leads to slow running of the sites and loading too. So, keep on clearing the Cache data of your chrome browser to get a faster experience.

Steps to Clear Cache on Chrome in Android Devices

  • Open the Chrome Browser and tap on the Menu (Three Dots)
  • Tap on Settings and then go to the Privacy and Security option.
  • Now tap on Clear Browsing Data, Tap Clear Data in Pop-up.
  • Confirm the process by tapping on the Clear.
  • Finally Done.

Method II – From Mobile Settings (App Info.)

  • Just tap and hold the Chrome Browser and tap on App Info.
  • Scroll down and tap on Clear Cache. Here you will get two options, Clear Data or Clear Cache.
  • Tap on Clear Cache, finally done.

Activating the Preloading Pages

Preloading Pages is one of the fastest ways to access any site faster than usual. Yes, this is one of the intelligent ways to get access to the many well-known sites with just a single tap. It actually works with the background data consumption algorithm.

It automatically consumes the internet data to download the different pages and sites data that you used to visit frequently. Although it may be an issue for those with limited carrier plans. Anyway, activating the preload pages saves time on accessing the page shortly.

Steps to Activate Preloading Pages on Android

  • Open your Chrome Browser and tap on Settings from the three dots.
  • Tap on Privacy & Security and then Preload Pages.
  • Here you have to select the option Standard Preloading,
Finally Done, now your Chrome automatically downloads the featured data before access to the site. It makes the browser access any site with already downloaded data.

Updating and Re-installing

An ultimate solution to speed up Chrome downloads is by Updating or Re-installing it on your android phone. Updating the Chrome browser features additional features. Additionally, an update contains a lot of improvements in bugs and errors. That’s an option for you to increase chrome download speed easily.

More, you have an option to re-install the chrome after uninstalling it. Yes, that’s the perfect way to fix the errors that may work in your case.

Updating the Chrome Browser

Go to the Play Store and check for updates from the update panel. Or simply, type the “Chrome” in the search box and open there, if there’s an update then tap on Update.

Keep on waiting for the download and update.

Finally done.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes the chrome browser fails to work as usual. In that case, we need to follow some basic tips that help to make chrome faster. Here, we have mentioned the 3 ways to make the chrome browser faster on android devices.